House Alterations Wellington

We love additions and alterations. It is very exciting to take an existing home and transform it into a home that better meets the needs of its owners.

We can:

  • We can  lift it or ‘dig out’ and build under it, We can build on top of it
  • We can build  out towards the boundaries, Make rooms bigger or smaller
  • Add a garage (or two or three …)
  • Transform the bathroom, Create a new kitchen
  • Bring into the home more light, Bring in even more light
  • Work with your designer

Our project manager will fully manage your project so you can relax knowing that everything will run smoothly and efficiently. You will know that all of the materials and sub trades will arrive on time and within budget.

Our ‘family friendly’ staff will take all care with your ‘things’ and your environment as the project intrudes into your lives. We will respect your family as we work in your environment.

We will clean up after ourselves.

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We guarantee a prompt, free no obligation consultation and discussion about your needs. A free estimate of the costs of your project for your consideration and free quote. We respect all of our clients individual needs through all aspects of construction.